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Create your first list

  1. Go to and click ”Create a list”. You will see an empty list named “New List”.

  2. Next, create your first list item by clicking “Add list item”. This will open up a form with a few common fields like image, name, description, etc.. We can customize these fields later, but for now let’s just give your list item a name, a short description and maybe upload an image. You should also add a few tags. We will see why this is important in a minute. Click the “Save” button, which brings you back to the list.

  3. Add a second list item and use different tags this time. If you added at least two list items, you will see a search bar and the tags you provided, above your list items.

Tags are a great way to classify your list items. They will automatically turn into a filter that helps users find the right information as quick as possible.

  1. Your list is still named “New List”. Click the settings settings icon to change the name of the list. Under “General Settings” > “Name” you can enter a unique name. Click “Save” afterwards.

Your list now shows the new name in the header section. Nice!

Feel free to add more list items and play around with the other list settings.

  1. Now that we have created a (very simple) list, we need to publish it. Click “Publish”.

  2. If you haven’t registered and logged in yet, you will be taken to the signup/login page. Please register or log in if you already have an account.

  3. You will be redirected to the publishing page. Select “Publish to a clssfy subdomain” and choose a domain name for your list. Click “Publish” to publish your list. You will be redirected to your dashboard.

  4. Your dashboard shows all your lists and your account settings. You can now click on the URL of your new list to visit the list you just published as a website.

Congratulations! You created and published your first directory!

To edit your list and the content go to your dashboard and click the edit edit icon of the list you want to edit.

Next steps